UAE court obligated a girl to pay 40,000 dirhams for this reason

A ruling was recently rendered by the Al Ain Court of First Instance in a legal dispute involving a young man and a girl.

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Al Ain Court of First Instance Ruling

The order stated that the girl is obligated to remit 40,000 dirhams to the young man in order to settle the outstanding balance for a car that she acquired from him. She was additionally ordered to provide him with 1,000 dirhams in compensation for the material and moral harm he suffered, as ordered by the court.

Background of the Lawsuit

The legal proceedings were initiated when the young man filed a lawsuit against the girl, seeking a payment of 40,000 dirhams along with an annual legal interest of 12%, citing the girl's failure to fulfill her financial obligations and the resulting procrastination. He additionally requested 5,000 dirhams as compensation for material and moral damages. The basis of his claim was that he had sold his vehicle to the defendant for 140,000 dirhams, of which she had paid only 100,000 dirhams. Despite transferring ownership of the vehicle to her, she had not paid the remaining amount.

Court Proceedings

Before rendering a decision, the court asked for the decisive oath from the plaintiff, who swore it in a specified form, asserting the details of the vehicle sale and the outstanding amount owed. The defendant, in response, submitted a memorandum requesting the dismissal of the lawsuit and the return of the decisive oath to the plaintiff.

Legal Outcome and Compensation Award

The court, after considering the oath and response, determined that the plaintiff fulfilled the necessary conditions for the decisive oath. Consequently, it ruled in favor of the plaintiff, establishing the defendant's debt of 40,000 dirhams for the remaining car price. The court highlighted the defendant's mistake in failing to honor the agreement, causing material and moral damage to the plaintiff. As a result, the court legally mandated the defendant to compensate the plaintiff with 1,000 dirhams for the incurred damages.

Payment and Rejection of Other Claims

In its final decision, the court obliged the defendant to pay the plaintiff the remaining 40,000 dirhams for the car, dismissing all other requests. The ruling underlines the court's commitment to upholding contractual obligations and addressing the consequential damages resulting from breaches of such agreements.

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