Emirates School Education Foundation unveils exam cheating instances

When overseeing the end-of-second-semester tests for the 2023–2024 academic year, the Emirates School Education Foundation recently discovered instances of cheating and violations of examination standards.

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The Foundation effectively prevented efforts at cheating by utilising a range of techniques, including security cameras and a secure browser.

In response to confirmed cases of cheating, the institution announced stringent penalties. Students found guilty of cheating would receive a zero mark in the respective subject. Repeat offenders faced even harsher consequences, being marked zero in all subjects and barred from participating in makeup tests. These measures align with the guidelines for combating cheating and breaches of examination integrity derived from anti-fraud regulations.

Additionally, instances of aiding students in cheating were observed and reported to the authorities for further legal action. Such disclosures are in line with the institution's commitment to enforcing Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2023 against cheating and breaches of examination protocols. Emphasising the importance of transparency in education, the Foundation called for collective efforts to uphold integrity and combat challenges like cheating. It underscored the necessity of accurately assessing students' academic progress while deterring deceptive practices.

The roles and obligations of educators, administrators, and parents are outlined in the institution's guide against cheating and interfering with examination processes. It places a strong emphasis on encouraging honesty and openness among educators.

In the meantime, 12th graders indicated that the second semester's English language exam questions were difficult. The exam's electronic format presented challenges, especially when it came to drafting responses. In order to account for the distinctions between writing on paper and writing electronically, students argued for more time.

Although the majority of the questions were open-ended, several were specifically aimed at exceptional students. The importance of good behaviour during exams was emphasised by school administrators, who also urged pupils to follow rules that forbid cheating and the use of unapproved technological devices.

Moreover, the Emirates School Education Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining academic integrity and transparency while addressing challenges to the examination system. Collaboration among stakeholders is essential to upholding these values and ensuring fair assessment practices.

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