Eid Al Fitr in UAE: Sharjah government announces a 10-day break for public employees

On Monday, the Sharjah government granted its public sector personnel a one-week holiday. Federal government employees will partake in the festivities from Monday, April 8, until Sunday, April 14. Consequently, regular business hours would resume on Monday, April 15th.

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Irrespective of the moon sighting, the holiday period will commence on April 8th, as declared by the Sharjah government, granting a one-week break for its public sector employees. This announcement aligns with the UAE government's decision to allocate a similar holiday duration for its public sector workers.

Effective from April 8th through April 14th, federal government employees in Sharjah will enjoy the festive period, with regular working hours resuming on April 15th. Notably, given that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday constitute the official weekend days in Sharjah for federal employees, those who typically adhere to a four-day workweek will relish a 10-day hiatus to observe Eid al-Fitr, which marks the conclusion of the month-long fasting period of Ramadan.

The timing of the holiday remains fixed, disregarding the moon sighting. As per Islamic tradition, Ramadan extends for either 29 or 30 days, contingent upon the sighting of the moon. Eid al-Fitr, symbolizing the conclusion of Ramadan, falls on the first day of Shawwal, the subsequent month following Ramadan in the Islamic calendar.

As anticipation builds with the approach of the conclusion of the holy month of Ramadan, residents across the UAE eagerly anticipate the forthcoming celebrations associated with Eid al-Fitr. This occasion heralds the longest public holiday of the year, signifying a period of joyous festivity and communal celebration for individuals throughout the nation.

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