Dubai Shopping Festival Launches Today with Diverse Entertainment

The 29th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) has commenced, promising 38 days filled with a diverse array of entertainment, promotions, and activities throughout the city.

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Youth-Centric Festivities for School Holidays

With a special focus on enhancing the satisfaction of children and youth, the Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation has curated an agenda that caters to this segment during the school holidays.

Thrilling Activities Across the City

This year's DSF boasts a lineup of exciting activities, including bungee jumping, large inflatable games, open markets, lively seasonal markets, mobile entertainment events, and captivating light shows, including drone displays organized by Emarat Petroleum.

“Slava Snow Show” at Dubai Opera

Running until December 10, the dance play "Slava Snow Show" at Dubai Opera is a modern international spectacle that has garnered acclaim worldwide since its debut in 1993.

Soul DXB 2023 Festival Debut

A novel addition to this year's festival is the inclusion of the Soul DXB 2023 festival in the Dubai Design District during the opening weekend, providing exceptional entertainment, lifestyle experiences, community engagement, live performances, DJ concerts, sports tournaments, dialogue sessions, workshops, and a hip-hop music show featuring artist Busta Rhymes.

Dubai Ringtones and Bee Social

“Dubai Ringtones” evenings showcase beautiful concerts by local artists in shopping malls and outdoor venues from January 5 to 14. Meanwhile, the By Bee Social at Dubai Festival City Mall offers the best shopping deals, family activities, and food trucks.

Expo City, Dubai's Winter Wonderland

Expo City Dubai transforms into a winter wonderland from December 8 to January 7, offering enchanting experiences for children and families, complemented by a handicraft market, live entertainment events, and illuminated dance displays at Al Wasl Plaza.

Souq Madinat Jumeirah and Etisalat MOTB Market

The annual Souq Madinat Jumeirah event, starting on December 15, promises delightful experiences with a handicraft market, live entertainment, and illuminated dance images. Etisalat MOTB Market invites the public to dine on local fare, shop at retailers, and enjoy performances by talented artists.

Ripe Market Running Series and Dubai Marathon

Young sports enthusiasts can partake in the “Ripe Market” community running series, featuring races of 2.5 km, 5 km, and 10 km to promote physical fitness. For those seeking greater challenges, the Dubai Marathon on January 7 offers a 4-kilometer run or participation in the demanding 42-kilometer track.

A Dazzling Display

From December 8 to January 14, the "Dubai Lights" event showcases stunning displays and light decorations. Notably, giant rubber figures of the amusing duo “The Anoki” illuminate the districts of “Al Seef," “Dubai Design District," and locations in Hatta and Etisalat MOTP for the first time in Dubai. The festival aims to bring joy and excitement to residents and visitors alike through its extensive array of offerings and experiences.

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