Dubai Ruler Unveils Plan for UAE Astronaut to Land on Moon

In a historic move, the United Arab Emirates plans to set up a lunar space station to launch its first astronaut to the Moon as part of a worldwide scientific endeavor, according to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, who made the announcement via X on Sunday.

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International Collaboration for the Lunar Gateway Project

The U.S., Canadian, Japanese, and EU teams will work together to build the Lunar Gateway space station. The president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, was pleased to attend the unveiling of the UAE's contributions to the Lunar Gateway and reaffirmed the country's dedication to collaborating with other nations for the benefit of everyone.

UAE's Contributions to the Lunar Gateway

The United Arab Emirates plans to send a full unit, 10 tons in weight, to the Lunar Gateway station. The nation will also build a space operations center and an astronaut training facility that will be international in scope. Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the UAE's sense of pride in its accomplishments, the hard work of its employees, and the lofty goals of its public.

Space Operations Center in the UAE

Supporting the activities of the lunar space station will be a critical responsibility of the space operations center located in the UAE. The national global astronaut training center will facilitate the infrastructure and training of astronauts for upcoming space missions.

Paving the Way for Human Presence on the Moon

The lunar space station represents a monumental step towards reestablishing human presence on the Moon, serving as a primary launch platform for future missions to Mars and beyond. Sheikh Mohammed emphasized that work on the project would commence immediately.

Optimism for the Future

Expressing pride in the nation's projects, workforce, and the ambitions of its youth, Sheikh Mohammed conveyed optimism for the new year. He described the lunar initiative as one of humanity's greatest ambitions in space for the coming decade, emphasizing the UAE's commitment to contributing to significant advancements in space exploration.

The UAE's involvement in the Lunar Gateway project signifies its dedication to playing a pivotal role in the future of space exploration and advancing scientific innovation on a global scale.

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