Dubai Police Warns Drivers of Hazards During Foggy Conditions

The Dubai Police General Command has released important advice advising drivers, especially those who ride bicycles and electric scooters, to exercise great caution and follow safety measures due to dense fog that is impacting visibility on highways.

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Dubai Police Advises Drivers on Fog Safety Measures

The Director of Dubai Police's General Traffic Department, Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, stressed the need for monitoring the weather in months when fog is likely to occur in order to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

The Severity of Fog-Related Accidents

The seriousness of fog-related incidents was emphasised by Major General Al Mazrouei, who emphasised the risk of fatalities, serious injuries, and material losses. These crashes usually happen as a result of drivers failing to slow down or halt at the side of the road when there is a reduction in horizontal visibility. Driving in fog requires following certain safety precautions, such as lowering your speed, keeping a safe distance from other cars, turning on your turn signals early in the morning, and not passing other cars. The directive also emphasises avoiding distractions, not using high beams, refraining from using hazard lights while driving, and not stopping in the middle of the road in case of a minor accident.

Guidelines for Bicycle and Electric Scooter Users

Adherence to safety regulations and security requirements is essential for riders of electric scooters and bicycles. This entails using approved routes and paths, abiding by traffic regulations, donning helmets that fit specifications, and increasing visibility with reflective clothing and lights. For the purpose of maintaining road safety, bicycles need to have working brakes.

Traffic Patrols and Emergency Response

To enhance safety during foggy conditions, traffic patrols will intensify their presence on external streets, conducting sweeps to prevent vehicles from parking on road shoulders and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic. Additionally, truck traffic will be diverted to designated rest stops during fog times to mitigate potential dangers associated with slow driving. The Command and Control Center in the General Directorate of Operations at Dubai Police received 2,841 emergency calls during early morning fog hours, responding to 51 traffic accidents by dispatching security patrols.

Director's Appeal for Caution

The director of the Command and Control Centre Department, Colonel Mohammed Al Muhairi, urged all drivers to drive carefully in fog and in other weather circumstances. The guideline, which emphasises obeying traffic regulations, paying attention to authorities' advice and instructions, and keeping a safe space between vehicles, attempts to guarantee road safety in inclement weather.

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