Dubai Police saved Trapped Family from Submerged Vehicle Crisis

Over the weekend, heavy torrential rains swept across the UAE, leading to extensive flooding in numerous areas.

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In response to the crisis, the emergency response team of Dubai Police demonstrated exceptional preparedness by rescuing a family trapped in a submerged vehicle beneath a bridge on the Dubai-Al Ain Road. The road had become inundated with water due to the intense rainfall that affected the region.

In footage released by authorities on Monday, the rescue team could be seen utilizing an inflatable boat to navigate the heavily flooded area, evacuating individuals to safety, and towing out the submerged car. This display of swift and effective action highlights the versatility of Dubai Police's emergency response capabilities in various rescue scenarios.

As several areas across the UAE were affected by the heavy rains and subsequent flooding, residents were advised to stay indoors and avoid waterlogged areas for their safety. Authorities issued warnings to the public, urging caution and emphasizing the importance of staying away from flooded streets and areas prone to water accumulation.

The emergency scenario was handled by a total of 2,300 individuals from several institutions in Dubai, including the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), and Nakheel. A coordinated response to crises and the proper management of the effects of the excessive rains on impacted regions were the goals of this coordinated effort.

In a show of appreciation for the efforts of those involved in managing the crisis, Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan took to social media to express gratitude. He specifically thanked police officials, traffic safety personnel, RTA officials, and workers engaged in water pumping operations on flooded streets. Sheikh Hamdan's acknowledgment underscored the collective commitment and dedication of all responders and workers in mitigating the effects of the torrential rains and ensuring the safety of residents across the UAE.

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