Dubai Police impound 383 motorbikes in Ramadan for violations

The importance of following traffic laws and putting safety on the roads first is highlighted by the Dubai Police's recent enforcement actions against offenders of the law.

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383 motorcycles and electric scooters were taken away by the authorities during the first eighteen days of Ramadan for various offenses. Riding on unapproved pathways and roads, as well as failing to wear luminous gear or helmets, were all included in this category of offenses. In addition to the individuals involved, other drivers and pedestrians are also at risk from such activity.

Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operations Affairs, emphasized the broader objectives guiding Dubai Police's endeavors. Apart from enforcement, the objective is to raise awareness among all road participants regarding the importance of adhering to appropriate traffic conduct. Through minimizing the occurrence of traffic incidents in the emirate, Dubai Police aims to enhance overall road safety and the well-being of both residents and tourists.

The unique guidelines for motorbike and electric scooter users were reaffirmed by Major General Al Ghaithi, who emphasized the need to adhere to traffic laws and authorized routes. This means wearing reflective clothing and helmets, as well as ensuring that bicycles have the appropriate lights and functioning brakes. These safety measures are critical for preventing accidents and safeguarding individuals.

Keeping people involved is crucial to maintaining traffic safety, Major General Al Ghaithi stressed. The "We are all police" hotline and the "Police Eye" program are the recommended ways for residents to report any instances of unsafe behavior. Making driving safer for all users is the aim of Dubai Police's collective responsibility program. Reminding us all of our shared responsibility for preserving road safety are the enforcement efforts of the Dubai Police. Through the prevention of preventable collisions and injuries, safe behavior and adherence to traffic laws can improve community well-being.

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