Dubai Police declares its efforts in combating new drug trafficking methods

Major General Eid Thani Muhammad Hareb of the Dubai Police has been actively battling drug-related offenses, with a special emphasis on a recent criminal strategy that involves drug trafficking and money transfers via bank accounts.

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The technique, which entails dealers and users communicating remotely, has presented a serious obstacle for law enforcement organizations. Together with other pertinent authorities, the Dubai Police successfully stopped this illegal operation, blocking many accounts and apprehending a number of the perpetrators.

The modus operandi typically begins with anonymous messages sent to random phone numbers, enticing curious individuals or drug users looking for a secure way to obtain drugs. The Dubai Police's General Department of Narcotics Control closely monitored these activities and arrested over 280 dealers, seizing approximately 100 kilograms of drugs.

Furthermore, the Dubai Center for Economic Security played a crucial role in tracking the flow of money to drug traffickers, identifying thousands of suspicious transactions and accounts. This comprehensive effort involved studying the methods used to open bank accounts, identifying the individuals involved, and closing down the accounts associated with these illicit activities.

Although this practice has been successfully curbed, the Dubai Police emphasize the need for ongoing awareness and vigilance because some people are still lured in by anonymous messages offering drugs. The Dubai Center for Economic Security has suggested a number of preventative measures to address this persistent issue, such as integrating facial recognition into online banking transactions, categorizing bank accounts that pose a high risk, and strengthening due diligence procedures for opening online bank accounts.

In terms of legal consequences, individuals convicted of drug-related crimes, such as depositing money in accounts linked to drug trafficking, face punitive measures outlined in Article 74 of Amended Law No. 30. These measures include imprisonment, fines, and deportation, along with a prohibition on transferring funds for two years following the completion of their sentence.

The coordinated efforts of law enforcement agencies, supported by initiatives like the "Lookout" campaign and recommendations from the Dubai Center for Economic Security, have significantly disrupted drug trafficking networks operating through anonymous messages. However, continued vigilance and cooperation are essential to effectively combating this persistent threat.

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