Dubai Police Detain 47 Street Vendors since start of Ramadan

Dubai Police have taken swift action against street vendors, detaining 47 individuals and confiscating multiple vehicles involved in the unauthorized sale of fruits and vegetables during Ramadan.

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This crackdown, orchestrated by the Suspects and Criminal Phenomena Department in collaboration with police stations and strategic allies, aims to uphold public health and safety standards.

Lieutenant Colonel Talib Mohammad Al Ameri, overseeing the Infiltrators Control Section within the General Department of Criminal Investigation, emphasized the significance of these arrests in combating undesirable practices and safeguarding the well-being of the community. Al Ameri noted that such unlawful vending activities are particularly prevalent in areas densely populated by laborers and near their accommodations.

He urged the public to exercise caution when purchasing food items from street vendors or unlicensed vehicles, warning of potential risks associated with products of uncertain origin, expiration, and inadequate quality control. Al Ameri stressed that these unauthorized vendors often flout health regulations and food safety standards, posing serious health hazards to consumers.

To mitigate these risks, Al Ameri advised consumers to patronize licensed establishments for their food needs, prioritizing their health and safety. Furthermore, he underscored Dubai Police's commitment to proactively monitoring and addressing violations through planned campaigns and unannounced inspections, underscoring the importance of community cooperation in reporting offenders to relevant authorities.

The collaborative efforts of Dubai Police and its partners underscore a proactive approach to maintaining public safety and upholding regulatory standards, particularly during times of heightened vigilance such as Ramadan. By cracking down on illegal vending activities and promoting consumer awareness, authorities aim to instill confidence in the public while ensuring adherence to established health and safety protocols.

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