Dubai Police announces the successful rescue of 191 children in 2023

Dubai Police's Directorate-General for Transport and Rescue reported rescuing 191 children from various situations, including being trapped in vehicles, houses, and elevators, during the first nine months of the current year.

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This marks a decrease from the 217 children rescued in similar incidents the previous year.

Increased Attention to Children's Safety

Major General Said Hamad bin Sulaiman Al Malik emphasized the heightened focus on children's safety within the Dubai Police. The Directorate-General for Transport and Rescue boasts a specialized team equipped to respond immediately to incidents involving children who find themselves in precarious situations.

The urgency of such responses is crucial, as children may lack the means to help themselves or act appropriately when faced with challenges like being stuck in vehicles, elevators, or homes.

Varied Incidents and Vulnerabilities

Major General Al Malik highlighted the varied incidents involving rescued children, some of whom faced additional complications like suffocation and panic attacks. Instances of children being trapped in vehicles often result from a parent's reliance on the other. The Dubai Police's rescue teams intervened in cases where children were left unattended inside vehicles, emphasizing the need for parental attention due to the serious consequences, including fatalities and injuries, associated with such incidents.

Rescues from Homes and Elevators

Rescue teams were also active in freeing children confined to homes, responding to reports from concerned neighbors who heard children crying or screaming alone inside residences. Such situations not only endangered the children but also caused alarm and distress when they realized they couldn't leave the house in an emergency.

Safety Instructions for Parents

Addressing the issue of working parents, it was stressed that they must provide mechanisms to prevent their children from being left alone at home, particularly at a young age when they may not be capable of making sound decisions.

Negligent parental behavior in this regard can lead to accidents and harm to the child, with legal accountability emphasized. The intervention of rescue teams extended to cases where children were trapped in elevators, emphasizing the importance of parental attention as curious children may expose themselves to risks, such as inserting fingers into gaps in elevator doors.

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