Dubai Police announces the number of global drug criminal arrests in 4 years

The head of Dubai Police's General Department of Narcotics Control, Major General Eid Mohammed Thani Hareb, announced some noteworthy victories during the previous four years in the global war on drugs.

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131 nations received 1,025 critical pieces of information from this success, which resulted in the arrest of 251 international offenders engaged in drug-related crimes.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the International Conference on Drug Issues, part of the World Police Summit themed "Drugs, Smuggling, and Electronic Marketing and Their Impact on Youth and Society." The Dubai Police conducted impactful international operations against drug trafficking, notably the "Sugar Cane" operation, resulting in the seizure of 22 tonnes of narcotics, and "Operation Storm," which led to the confiscation of 86 million Captagon tablets weighing approximately 13 tonnes, with an estimated market value of around 3.9 billion dirhams.

Held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from March 5–7, the conference will cover international approaches to preventing drug-related crimes, how to respond to changing smuggling trends, and the effects these methods have on young people and society as a whole. In order to effectively fight drug smuggling, Major General Hareb stressed the importance of the conference in promoting global cooperation and knowledge exchange.

Deputy Director of the General Department of Narcotics Control, Brigadier General Khalid bin Muwaiza, outlined the conference agenda, which features strategic sessions focusing on the United Nations' strategies to combat technical drug trading and exploring new horizons in electronic marketing for drug smuggling. Topics include international cooperation in reducing drug smuggling, the roles of international organisations and community service institutions in combating drug abuse, and best practices in international cooperation to combat drugs.

The conference, organised in collaboration with strategic partners such as the UAE Narcotics Control Council, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, and other key stakeholders, will also include specialised workshops on public health management for drug addicts, educational institutions' role in addressing student challenges, and the use of drug observatories in international cooperation.

Accompanying the conference is an exhibition showcasing the efforts and innovations of various institutions and companies in the security sector, providing insights into cutting-edge solutions and advancements in addressing security issues.

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