Dubai Police announces advancements in crime-solving technology

Crime-solving timelines in Dubai Police are significantly shorter than those in other countries, with investigations completed in just 10 days compared to two months in Germany, 35 days in the United States, and 180 days in France.

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Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Dubai Police have revolutionized crime resolution processes, reducing the time required for investigations from hours to mere minutes. Virtual autopsies, facilitated by AI algorithms, have replaced traditional autopsy procedures, sparing the deceased's dignity and minimizing the emotional burden on their loved ones.

Major General Ahmed Thani bin Ghalita Al Muhairi, Director of the General Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology, emphasized the psychological and cultural considerations integrated into the use of AI in forensic investigations, ensuring that autopsies are conducted only when necessary.

The adoption of advanced technology has not only expedited investigations but also enhanced efficiency and accuracy. The introduction of AI-enabled devices, resembling CT scans, has transformed the forensic examination process, producing comprehensive reports in minutes and highlighting suspicious areas for further investigation. Major General Ahmed Thani hailed this technological advancement as a significant milestone for Dubai Police, positioning them as global leaders in forensic science.

Reflecting on Dubai Police's journey of development, Major General Ahmed Thani outlined three key areas of focus: personnel development, technological capabilities, and infrastructure enhancement. Notably, Dubai Police have invested substantially in state-of-the-art facilities, including environmentally sustainable infrastructure, reflecting their commitment to innovation and excellence.

The General Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology has witnessed remarkable growth, evolving from a small team of six individuals in 1986 to a workforce of over 600 highly skilled professionals. Emphasizing inclusivity and diversity, Dubai Police have actively recruited female officers, constituting 40% of the workforce. Moreover, the department has attracted Emirati talent with advanced degrees, fostering a culture of research and academic excellence.

Dubai Police's integrated approach to forensic science and crime scene investigation has contributed to their success in resolving cases swiftly and effectively. By combining cutting-edge technology with expert human resources, Dubai Police continue to uphold their commitment to maintaining safety and security in the emirate.

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