Dubai Municipality launches a free bulk waste removal service via WhatsApp

Dubai Municipality is taking proactive steps to improve residents' living standards and maintain the cleanliness of the emirate by offering a complimentary service for bulk household waste removal.

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The municipality urges residents to utilize this service to efficiently dispose of excess items in their homes and neighborhoods.

Residents of Dubai may put their bulky trash, such as old appliances and furniture, in the hands of the waste management agency with the simple use of WhatsApp. The goal of Dubai Municipality is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment for its residents, and this effort aligns with that goal.

The timing of this initiative is particularly pertinent given recent weather events in the UAE, including heavy rainfall that led to flooding in numerous homes. The resulting damage necessitated the disposal of waterlogged belongings, prompting the municipality to offer support to affected residents.

To access this service, residents can simply reach out to Dubai Municipality via WhatsApp at 800900. Upon submitting their request, individuals will promptly receive a follow-up call from a municipal representative to schedule a convenient appointment for bulk waste collection. This streamlined process ensures that residents can swiftly arrange for the removal of unwanted items within three days of submitting their request.

Upon completion of the waste collection process, residents will receive confirmation via SMS, providing assurance that their bulk waste has been successfully removed. This efficient and accessible service empowers residents to responsibly manage their household waste, contributing to the overall cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of Dubai's neighborhoods.

By actively engaging with residents and offering practical solutions to address waste management challenges, Dubai Municipality demonstrates its ongoing dedication to enhancing the quality of life for all community members. Through collaborative efforts between municipal authorities and residents alike, Dubai continues to set a precedent for sustainable urban development and environmental stewardship.

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