Dubai Land Department Renames 28 Neighborhoods

According to local media sites, the Dubai Land Department has just renamed 28 neighborhoods, marking a major effort in the city's history.

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Some famous areas, such as Sheikh Zayed Road, Jebel Ali Village, and Emirates Hills First, have had their names changed. The Dubai Land Department website states that the regions will be given a new identity and viewpoint as a result of these adjustments.

Sheikh Zayed Road becomes Burj Khalifa

Sheikh Zayed Road, a once-iconic area, is now known as Burj Khalifa. The neighborhood is now more in line with the iconic Burj Khalifa, which represents a change in emphasis.

Emirates Hills rebranded

The prestigious Emirates Hills area has undergone a restructuring of its nomenclature. Emirates Hills First, Second, and Third are now identified as Al Thanyah Fifth, Third, and Fourth, respectively.

Motor City Transforms into Al Hebiah First

Motor City, known for its vibrant community and lifestyle, has been rebranded as Al Hebiah First, introducing a new chapter for this dynamic locality.

Jebel Ali Village becomes Jebel Ali First

Jebel Ali Village has been given a fresh identity as Jebel Ali First, signifying a renewed vision for this well-established area.

Dubai Land Department

Sport City Evolves into Al Hebiah Fourth

A deliberate adjustment in the area's image and purpose has resulted in Sport City, a magnet for sports aficionados, being acknowledged as Al Hebiah Fourth.

Each of the many neighborhoods in the area is getting a new name as part of the renaming effort, which is an attempt to better reflect its character or to bring it in line with larger urban development objectives.

As part of their continuous efforts to improve the city's urban landscape, encourage growth, and build a more vibrant and interdependent community, the Dubai Land Department has made this decision. In addition to giving the city a more modern feel, the new titles help shape its character and increase its international profile.

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