Dubai Introduces a New Call Center for Children Interacting with Immigration Officials for Visas  

The recently introduced "hotline" for children by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai is a significant addition to its call center services.

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Designed for children between 7 and 12 years old, this initiative allows young, inquisitive minds to interact with immigration officials.

The purpose is to provide accurate information on various topics such as visas, passport renewal, travel procedures, and solo travel permissions. Lt Col Khalil I. Mohamed, head of the customer well-being section at GDRFA, highlighted that this child-friendly hotline emerged from the dedicated children's passport control counters at all Dubai International Airport terminals.

Both the call center service and the dedicated passport control counters aim to enhance the travel experience for young passengers. At the airport, children are even given the opportunity to stamp their passports, creating a memorable and engaging experience. The call center service, accessible 24/7, serves as an information resource for children before their travels.

Children, whether in the UAE or abroad, can utilize the special call service by dialing the toll-free Amer call center at 8005111 (within the UAE) or +971 4 313-9999 (outside the country). Lt. Col. Mohamed emphasized that the GDRFA personnel handling these calls are trained to interact effectively with young callers. The service features a welcoming and pleasant voice prompt, making it inviting for children to engage.

It's crucial to note that the special service is specifically designed for children to interact with immigration officials and not for parents to inquire about their children's visa status. Parents are encouraged to use the regular Amer call center, which operates 24/7.

The introduction of this child-friendly hotline aligns with GDRFA's commitment to enhancing customer service. Officials reported a significant increase in online transactions, including calls, in 2023 compared to the previous year. The total online engagement by GDRFA in 2023 reached 1,613,798, reflecting the growing preference for the more convenient Virtual Amer Service, a video call option. This innovative approach underscores GDRFA's continuous efforts to adapt and improve services for residents and visitors alike.

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