Dubai government announces employee financial allocation amendments

A decision to change some clauses pertaining to authorising budgetary allocations for Dubai Government employees has been made by the Executive Council of the Government of Dubai.

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Notably, a citizen employee with a university degree should be paid at least 18,000 dirhams.

Salary Adjustment for University Degree Holders:

The Dubai Government Human Resources Department, in collaboration with the Department of Finance, will make adjustments to the salaries of university citizen employees based on this decision. As per Executive Council Resolution No. 109 of 2023, amending Executive Council Resolution No. 6 of 2020, a citizen employee with at least a bachelor's degree is entitled to a total salary not less than 18 thousand dirhams per month. This is applicable even if the scientific specialization of the degree is unrelated to the job held by the employee.

Coordination for Salary Amendments:

The Department will coordinate with the Department of Finance to modify the total salaries of national employees holding university degrees, ensuring that these adjustments apply from the effective date of the decision.

Clear Criteria for Total Salary Determination:

The ruling established precise parameters for computing the entire remuneration upon appointment. New workers are entitled to the starting financial remuneration for the job category of the allocated job grade. The department may give a financial boost of up to 20% based on competencies, job abilities, and academic qualifications.

Additional Financial Increases:

The decision also allows the department to grant further financial increases, not exceeding 30% of the starting financial salary, under specific conditions. These conditions include the job being pivotal or specialized, falling within the 12th grade or above, the employee possessing competencies exceeding requirements, and the position being evaluated and included in the department's approved annual budget for vacant positions. The end of the financial salary for the assigned job grade must not exceed the specified limit.

This choice demonstrates a calculated strategy to match pay scales to educational attainment and skill sets, fostering equity and openness in the compensation of Dubai Government workers.

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