Dubai Government announces adoption of the classic logo

The Prince The traditional Dubai mark will now be used as the new seal of the Dubai government, according to Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council.

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Speaking on the "X" platform, His Highness emphasized the historical significance of the logo, which has been a witness to Dubai's evolution and the visionary leadership guiding its growth. He underscored that the logo has been revamped to align with Dubai's ongoing endeavors to solidify its status as a forward-thinking metropolis. His Highness instructed the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai to oversee the integration of the new logo across all government entities.

This decision marks a symbolic acknowledgment of Dubai's heritage and its journey towards a progressive future under the guidance of its leadership. By reinstating the old Dubai logo as the new official identity, the government aims to evoke a sense of continuity and reverence for the city's past while embracing its forward-looking aspirations. The adoption of the classic Dubai logo reflects a strategic move to maintain a cohesive visual identity across various governmental bodies, reinforcing a unified brand image for Dubai on both domestic and international platforms. It signifies a deliberate effort to streamline communication and enhance recognition of government initiatives and services among residents and stakeholders.

With this decision, Dubai aims to leverage its rich legacy and iconic symbols to strengthen its global standing as a hub of innovation, development, and prosperity. The renewed logo serves as a reminder of Dubai's remarkable journey from a modest trading port to a dynamic global city renowned for its ambition and resilience.

Moreover, the government's dedication to effective coordination and efficient governance across various entities is emphasized by His Highness's decision to standardize the use of the new emblem. Dubai hopes to improve its image as a top location for talent, investment, and tourism by implementing a unified visual identity that would promote more clarity, consistency, and coherence in its communication initiatives.

In essence, the endorsement of the old Dubai logo as the new government emblem symbolizes a strategic blend of tradition and modernity, reflecting Dubai's unwavering commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing innovation and progress. It embodies the spirit of resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking that defines Dubai's journey towards becoming a city of the future.

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