Dubai Offers Dh100,000 Reward for Safe Return of Missing Dog

Cuddles, a beloved cockapoo of three years old, went missing in Al Garhoud, Dubai. Anyone with information leading to her recovery might be eligible for a significant prize of Dh100,000.

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The little puddle slid out of the car of a pet relocation service as they were visiting a health inspection center close to Emirates Airline's headquarters. Cuddles escaped the clutches of the pet relocation crew's heroic chase, much to the family's dismay.

In their fervent quest to find their beloved furry family member, the distraught family has taken to distributing flyers throughout the neighborhood, hoping that the sizable reward would incentivize residents to join the search efforts. The most recent sighting of Cuddles was reported at 6:40 pm on D27 Street (Community 214) in Al Garhoud on Saturday.

Despite the family's unwavering determination and exhaustive search efforts, there has been no success in locating Cuddles thus far.

A spokesperson representing the deeply distressed pet owners, who have chosen to remain anonymous, confirmed the authenticity of the Dh100,000 reward. The spokesperson underscored the profound emotional anguish experienced by the family due to Cuddles' disappearance, stating, "Cuddles holds immense significance for the family, and they are genuinely heartbroken by his disappearance. The Dh100,000 reward is genuine – we are desperate to reunite with him. We have received numerous inquiries about the reward, and we want everyone to know that it is sincere. Any assistance in finding Cuddles would be greatly appreciated."

Notably, the family has explicitly stated that no questions will be asked of anyone who facilitates Cuddles' return, underscoring their compassionate approach. This sentiment is reflected in the poster accompanying the reward announcement.

Cuddles is not the first lost pet in Dubai, which is an interesting fact. A Maltese pet who went missing in November 2021 around the Umm Suqueim region had a prize of Dh1,000 offered by its owner.

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