Dubai Customs seizes sorcery items in an African traveler bag

Dubai Customs recently intercepted an African traveler at Dubai International Airport carrying a collection of bizarre items linked to sorcery.

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The vigilant inspection team, attuned to potential risks, subjected the traveler's luggage to meticulous scrutiny, uncovering a live snake concealed within a plastic container, along with a monkey's hand, a dead bird, eggs wrapped in cotton, spells, talismans, and other paraphernalia associated with witchcraft. The seized items were promptly handed over to the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai for further examination, confirming their use in sorcery rituals.

Authorities emphasized the grave threat posed by sorcery practices, which exploit individuals' vulnerabilities and endanger societal security and well-being. Dubai Customs remains steadfast in its commitment to thwarting attempts to smuggle sorcery-related materials, thereby safeguarding the community from such pernicious influences.

Khaled Ahmed, Senior Director of Airport Terminal 1 in the Passenger Operations Department, underscored the department's proactive measures to combat the trafficking of sorcery-related artifacts. Rigorous training programs equip inspectors with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and address various forms of sorcery materials, given the evolving tactics employed by smugglers to evade detection.

Inspections at the airport entail both technological screening using x-ray machines and manual checks by seasoned inspectors proficient in identifying prohibited items. Dubai Customs maintains stringent vigilance throughout the customs clearance process, ensuring that luggage is devoid of contraband or counterfeit goods.

The department's unwavering dedication to curbing the influx of sorcery-related materials aligns with broader governmental efforts to combat sorcery practices and mitigate their harmful repercussions on individuals and society at large. Collaborative efforts with the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai underscore the importance of a unified approach in tackling this issue, fostering a constructive partnership aimed at dismantling sorcery networks and safeguarding societal well-being.

Materials associated with sorcery encompass a wide array of items, including talismanic papers, animal remains, books on magic, and various ritualistic paraphernalia. Dubai Customs officers play a pivotal role in intercepting these materials, thereby upholding societal norms and preserving public safety.

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