Dubai Court sentenced a man to death for murdering his European ex-girlfriend

An Arab man found guilty of killing his European lover in July 2020 has been sentenced to death by the Dubai Criminal Court in a terrible occurrence.

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Fatal Act of Revenge

The victim attempted to terminate their connection because of her participation with someone else, and the court's ruling was in response to a well-thought-out act of retaliation.

Disturbing Details of the Crime

The investigation revealed chilling details of the premeditated murder. The convict, fueled by resentment, shadowed his ex-girlfriend for days, closely monitoring her every move. On the fateful day, he entered her residence, committing a gruesome act by slashing her neck and tearing her intestines.

Discovery of the Crime

The heinous crime came to light when a resident of the building reported a disturbance on the seventh floor to the security guard. Upon investigation, the guard found blood near the staircase, prompting immediate action. Unable to open the stair door, he approached from another floor and discovered the victim in a pool of blood. Swiftly, the guard reported the crime to the Dubai Police.

Police Response and Investigation

The victim's body was quickly transported by Dubai Police, who also started gathering evidence at the murder scene. With diligent work, the investigation team was able to obtain sufficient evidence to identify the defendant. The offender was captured in the vicinity of a mall.

Relationship History and Motive

The accused acknowledged that they had been dating since 2017. After learning of her social media interactions, he was unwilling to let their relationship end and resorted to coercion and threats. After two years, the victim went back to Dubai in an attempt to escape his influence.

Escalation and Verbal Altercation

Upon her return, the accused sought reconciliation, offering financial assistance. However, discovering her involvement with someone else triggered a heated argument. The victim, having had enough, decided to sever ties once more, returning the borrowed amount.

Cycle of Intimidation and Violence

Driven by anger and a desire for revenge, the accused, unable to accept rejection, entered the victim's apartment. Threats and coercion followed, with an attempt to force her into resuming the relationship and ending ties with the other person. Despite reporting him to the police for intimidation, the victim found herself facing further danger when the accused, violating promises, returned and escalated the confrontation.

On the day of the incident, fueled by rage, the accused, armed with a knife and tools, confronted the victim in a final, fatal assault on the building's stairs. This heartbreaking case highlights the devastating consequences of an obsessive relationship and the tragic end to a life marked by fear, intimidation, and violence.

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