Dubai introduces budget-friendly fitness court booking system, starting at Dh10

Sikandar Khan and his companions regularly participate in physical activities during the evenings, frequently renting a football court after 10 p.m. for friendly matches among themselves.

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Khan emphasized the importance of playing football at least four times a week for their group, either engaging in friendly matches or inviting other teams for more competitive games. This trend of renting sports courts on an hourly basis has gained immense popularity in Dubai, with costs shared among players averaging between Dh10 and Dh15 per day.

This practice is reshaping how people engage in physical activities across various communities, facilitating casual games with friends, organized sports events, and fitness classes. Khan, along with over 20 cousins and friends, regularly utilizes sporting arenas in Dubai for practice sessions and matches. They favor the indoor court at Al Ittihad School in Mamzar for practice and rent open fields for matches.

Apart from football, various other sporting facilities offer games like basketball, volleyball, badminton, and cricket. Abu Bakr Yaseen, an Egyptian national, enjoys playing volleyball with his office colleagues, finding joy and camaraderie in the game. Yaseen, a former volleyball player, rekindled his passion for the sport through regular games with colleagues from different nationalities. Similarly, Basit Bafakki, an Indian expat, rents courts across north Dubai with his group of four friends, engaging in competitive matches to maintain fitness.

Fitness trainers like Reyno Reyes are also capitalizing on this trend, offering training sessions to enthusiasts interested in improving their skills. The convenience of booking courts through online platforms and mobile apps has streamlined the process, with increasing bookings recorded throughout the year, especially during weekends. Moreover, the affordability of court rentals makes them an attractive option for those seeking active leisure. Badminton courts can be booked for as low as Dh35 per hour, while indoor football courts cost Dh250 for a two-hour slot. Volleyball enthusiasts can secure a court for Dh150 per hour, with costs divided among players, amounting to as little as Dh10 to Dh15 per day.

This budget-friendly option encourages regular physical activity among residents, fostering a sense of community and enjoyment in sports participation.

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