Dubai Authority introduces two ways to dispute Salik violations fines and get refunds

Disputing Salik fines has been made convenient for motorists, offering a straightforward process and potential refunds if already paid.

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Utilizing the Salik website or call center, individuals can contest fines by following these steps:

Salik Website:

  1. Apply for the service on the Salik website or application by entering the car type and plate number.
  2. View existing fines and add them to a dispute list.
  3. Enter dispute details.
  4. Receive an instant application reference number.
  5. The dispute request is sent to the violations department, which investigates within 15 days.
  6. Receive the final status through SMS—approval or rejection.

Call Centre:

  1. Contact the RTA's call center at 800 725 45.
  2. After the customer service agent processes the request and creates a dispute, receive an SMS with the dispute reference number.
  3. Similar to the Salik website process, the request is sent to the relevant department with a 15-day investigation period.
  4. Receive the final status through SMS—approval or rejection.

Disbursing fines through both channels is free of charge. If an approved application has already been paid, the fine is canceled, and the amount is refunded. To initiate the refund, fill out an electronic form at any customer happiness center.

Types of Violations:

1. Unregistered Plate Violations (URP): This applies when passing through a gate without registering the number plate and without applying for registration within 10 working days.

  • Dh100 penalty on the first day.
  • Dh200 penalty on the second day.
  • Dh400 penalty from the third day onward.

2. Insufficient Funds Violation (IPV): Imposed when there are insufficient funds in the Salik account during a trip, with the fine applicable five days after the trip.

While the Dubai Drive App, Dubai Now App, and RTA App are listed as additional platforms, the agent noted that they are currently non-operational for disputing fines at the moment.

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