Dubai RTA announces Free Parking and Taxi fares Discounts for Tourists with Special Needs

In an effort to better accommodate visitors with disabilities, or "people of determination," the Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai have launched new programs.

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Among these steps is a reduction of 50% on taxi charges and free public parking for a maximum of three months all around Dubai.

Free Public Parking for PoD Tourists

Just like elderly Emiratis and PoD citizens, tourists from PoD may now take advantage of free public parking in Dubai, according to Osama Al Safi, RTA’s Director of Parking Department and chairman of the Friendly Organization for PoD. No longer is it necessary to print and display physical permits; instead, a digital parking permit may be obtained online using the RTA's website or app, streamlining the procedure. You can apply for this temporary benefit for up to three months at a time.

Digital Parking Permit Application

To apply for free parking, PoD tourists can utilize RTA's online platform or visit any RTA customer happiness center in person. The digitization of the permit service, implemented since August of the previous year, enhances convenience for PoDs.

50% Discount on Taxi Fares

Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, Acting Chief Business Transformation Officer at DTC, informed us that PoD tourists can also benefit from a 50% discount on taxi fares throughout Dubai. To avail of this discount, PoD tourists are required to apply for a Sanad card, a smart card issued by the Community Development Authority (CDA) for both residents and tourists with determination.

These initiatives underline Dubai's commitment to ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all tourists, aligning with global standards for accessible travel and tourism. The efforts by RTA and DTC aim to create a more welcoming environment for individuals with special needs, providing them with ease of mobility and enhanced travel experiences.

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