Dubai airport warns of fake pages selling lost luggage online

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has issued a warning to travelers regarding a scam circulating on social media promoting the online sale of lost baggage for as low as Dh8.

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Fake accounts falsely affiliated with DXB claim to offer various items at attractive prices without any discounts. These scams suggest a clearance of unclaimed luggage from the airport warehouse, allegedly left untouched for over six months.

DXB's official account responded with a humorous caution against falling for such scams, emphasizing their focus on takeoffs, not rip-offs. The airport urged vigilance and advised passengers not to engage with suspicious bargains circulating on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Despite these warnings, fake accounts continue to operate, enticing users with online-only sales of lost luggage. Some posts claim the airport is selling suitcases that have been in storage for over a year to avoid concession fees for the next quarter. Similar scams have been reported in other airports, such as Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

DXB reassured travelers that the chances of baggage mishandling by Emirates, based in Dubai, are minimal, with a success rate of 99.9% in baggage handling during peak travel months. The airline moves an average of 2.7 million bags monthly to 140 global destinations, with a mere 0.1% chance of misplacement.

In case of lost baggage, DXB provides contact numbers for its lost and found service, operating 24/7. Travelers can also report lost items on board or in the terminal, with a detailed process for claiming lost luggage. This includes contacting the airline's customer service, providing contact details for delivery, requesting refunds for delayed baggage, and submitting claims for compensation.

Emirates passengers can track their baggage through the Emirates app, allowing them to monitor the status from check-in to destination. In case of delays, the airline provides a reference number for tracking, with options for online tracking and arranging delivery times.

Overall, travelers are urged to exercise caution against falling for online scams and to follow proper procedures for reporting and claiming lost baggage.

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