Dubai Airport: 1,244 Flights Cancelled, Terminal 1 Resumes Arrivals

At the airport in Dubai (DXB), 1,244 aircraft were canceled and 41 more were rescheduled for Thursday morning because of water damage on the runway caused by Tuesday's torrential rains, an official from Dubai Airports stated.

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On Thursday, however, a top official announced that normal operations would resume within a day or two. Thursday morning saw the partial resumption of operations at Terminal 1, which had been disrupted by the storm.

The extraordinary number of cancellations at the world's busiest international airport stemmed from the unprecedented rainfall in the UAE on Tuesday. Raheesh Babu, the chief operating officer at, noted the exceptional nature of these cancellations, highlighting that such a large-scale disruption hadn't been witnessed since the onset of the pandemic.

Dubai International Airport handled 416,405 flights in 2023, or 1,140 flights per day on average. Passenger volume last year reached an unprecedented 87 million. The chief operating officer of Dubai Airports, Majid Al Joker, expressed confidence that regular operations would resume in less than a day. He underlined the coordinated attempts to make accommodations for impacted passengers and make sure they get the support and care they require.

Airlines are allowing customers to reschedule their canceled flights, and Dubai Airports is giving impacted guests meals, snacks, and frequent updates. The goal of cooperative efforts with partners and local government is to hasten the healing process.

On Thursday, inbound flights commenced from Terminal 1, despite ongoing delays and diversions. Dubai Airports advises passengers to check their flight status before traveling and to only go to Terminal 1 if their flights are confirmed. Passengers are instructed to proceed to Terminal 3 only with confirmed departure details. Check-in facilities for Emirates and FlyDubai have resumed operations.

The UAE witnessed its heaviest rainfall in 75 years on Tuesday, causing flooding in several residential areas across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and beyond. Consequently, the government encouraged remote work arrangements, and residents faced challenges navigating flooded roads.

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