Dubai: 419,000 Passengers Travel Procedures Facilitated Amid Weather Emergency

Dubai's air, land, and sea ports saw an extraordinary effort by its authorities to expedite procedures for travelers coming and departing under the recent emergency weather circumstances.

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Working closely with Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, the Director of the General Administration of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai, these officers put in a lot of effort to improve communication and guarantee efficient passenger flow.

Their commitment paid off, as they overcame technical issues and delivered exceptional services to the 419,047 passengers that passed through Dubai on April 15, 16, and 17. Maintaining a positive perception of Dubai's ports required being adaptable, efficient, and aggressive in responding to emergency situations. Al Marri acknowledged the team's outstanding work and stressed the importance of coordination and partner cooperation in achieving public service objectives. He said that these successes enhanced Dubai's standing as a top international vacation destination and demonstrated the commitment and professionalism of the staff.

Al Marri emphasized that, in order to put passenger safety first, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs works closely with airport authorities and other partners. He clarified that flight cancellations due to bad weather are done as a safety precaution for passengers. During this time, the airports in Dubai handled a considerable amount of passengers: on April 15, 195,803 people passed through, on April 16, 133,801 people passed through, and on April 17, 74,406 people passed through. The ports effectively handled arrivals and departures in spite of difficulties.

CEO Paul Griffiths reaffirmed the airport's commitment to returning operations to normal swiftly. He emphasized providing assistance to affected travelers and ensuring their comfort during delays. Measures included distributing food and water and advising passengers to check with airlines for updates and arrive three hours before departure. Griffiths acknowledged the unique challenges posed by the weather conditions and highlighted ongoing cooperation with relevant authorities to address them. Dubai Airports redirected 31 flights to Al Maktoum International Airport (Dubai World Central), where travelers received the necessary support to continue their journeys.

Al-Marri reiterated the impact of volatile weather on the travel industry, emphasizing the priority of traveler safety and the dedication of Dubai's port employees. Their professionalism and commitment shone through during these challenging circumstances.

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