DMCC announces the commencement of the next Uptown Dubai phase

The start of the second phase of the Uptown Dubai construction has marked a significant expansion of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre's (DMCC) real estate offerings.

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The fundamental and enabling activities have been assigned to Swissboring Overseas Piling Corporation, marking a significant milestone in the project's advancement.

The upcoming phase involves the construction of two mid-rise towers situated in the southern part of the Uptown Dubai district. These towers, spanning 23 and 17 stories, are designed to provide approximately 70,000 square meters of Grade A commercial office space. Additionally, the development will allocate 8,000 square meters for food and beverage as well as retail outlets, aligning with the district's premium urban character.

Upon completion, the Uptown Dubai project is set to encompass a total gross floor area of 538,000 square meters, with a substantial portion—232,000 square meters—dedicated to commercial office spaces. The addition of these two towers, alongside the Uptown Tower and the residential towers within the recently launched Mercer House by Ellington Properties, marks the unveiling of more than half of the district's planned towers.

The central hub of the Uptown Dubai district, known as The Plaza, will be encircled by nine towers, hosting a variety of activities ranging from immersive art installations to music, film, and fashion performances.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, the Executive Chairman and CEO of DMCC, expressed the organization's commitment to realizing the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Bin Sulayem highlighted DMCC's dedication to providing high-quality commercial spaces, challenging warnings of potential oversupply. He emphasized the success of pre-leasing Grade A offices in the Uptown Tower and aims to replicate this achievement with the two new commercial towers, further enhancing the business district and DMCC's overall value proposition.

Swissboring's role encompasses various aspects of enabling work, including basement retention systems, foundation works, podium levels, future bridges, dewatering works, and the excavation of the entire plot assigned to the second phase. This phase follows the 2023 opening of the Uptown Tower, a landmark 81-story building housing leading global businesses and urban luxury facilities.

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