UAE: DEWA announces 59% surge in Green Charger usage in 2023.

According to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), the number of electric cars (EVs) using the emirate's 'Green Charger' services surged in 2023.

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With 1.15 million charging sessions logged during the year, the power business saw a 59% spike in charging sessions by registered cars. With a total of 23,419.8 MWh of electricity, DEWA has enabled the charging of electric cars in Dubai since the initiative's start in 2015. This power has allowed these vehicles to traverse 117 million kilometers.

Over the years, the number of registered EV owners in Dubai has experienced remarkable growth. From just 14 registered EV owners in 2015, the figure has surged to 13,959 by the end of December 2023. This substantial increase underscores the growing adoption of electric vehicles within the emirate and signals a positive shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, the Managing Director and CEO of DEWA, expressed the authority's commitment to advancing the use of electric vehicles through continuous innovation and development. Al Tayer emphasized DEWA's role in supporting initiatives such as the Dubai Green Mobility Initiative 2030 and the National Electric Vehicles Policy. These efforts align with broader sustainability goals aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in the transportation sector and promoting energy efficiency.

DEWA has undertaken extensive measures to bolster the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging across Dubai. The authority has deployed 382 EV green charging stations throughout the emirate, many of which feature dual charging outlets to accommodate multiple vehicles simultaneously. These charging stations offer various types of chargers, including ultra-fast chargers, fast chargers, public chargers, and wall-box chargers, catering to different charging needs and preferences.

The availability of DEWA's Green Charger stations extends across key locations in Dubai, ensuring convenient access for EV owners. Customers can easily locate these stations through DEWA's website and smart app, facilitating seamless charging experiences. Moreover, DEWA has streamlined the registration process, allowing customers to begin utilizing charging stations within an hour of vehicle registration. For unregistered users, the guest mode feature enables access to charging facilities, promoting inclusivity and accessibility in the transition towards sustainable mobility.

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