An Asian teen fakes abduction, aiming for a DH10,000 ransom in deceit

A 19-year-old Asian teenager, in collaboration with her 27-year-old friend and his 35-year-old brother, concocted a false kidnapping story, aiming to extort 10,000 dirhams from her mother in exchange for her release.

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Dubai Police swiftly unravelled the deceit, utilising their advanced technical and investigative capabilities. The trio, including the teenager and her co-conspirators, were promptly apprehended and handed over to the Public Prosecution in Dubai.

Charges were filed against them for "falsely and in bad faith reporting to the administrative authorities a crime that was not committed." Subsequently, the Misdemeanour Court convicted each of them, sentencing them to one month's imprisonment and imposing a 5,000 dirhams fine.

The incident unfolded when a report reached Dubai Police about a kidnapping in the Al Mamzar area. The accused brothers claimed they were attacked by seven individuals with weapons who stole their belongings, kidnapped the girl, and fled. However, criminal investigation officers were sceptical, leading to a thorough examination of the crime scene by a specialised team in fingerprint analysis.

Confronted with the evidence, the accused collapsed and confessed that the entire story was fabricated. Legal measures were taken, resulting in the arrest of the teenager, who then revealed that her boyfriend and his brother orchestrated the crime to extort money from her mother.

The boyfriend's brother admitted to planning the fake kidnapping, aiming to obtain a ransom and return the teenager's passport, which he held. Despite the defendants retracting their initial confessions during court proceedings, the public prosecutor found the evidence sufficient to establish guilt.

The judicial body asserted its confidence in the evidence, dismissing the defendants' attempts to cast doubt and viewing their later denial as an effort to evade accountability. The court sentenced each of them to one month's imprisonment and a 5,000 dirhams fine, emphasising the gravity of their actions in perpetrating a false crime and attempting to exploit it for financial gain.

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