American University of Sharjah launches course in fire protection and safety

AUS College of Engineering to Introduce a Minor in Safety and Fire Protection Engineering in Collaboration with Sharjah Civil Defense Authority

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Strategic academic expansion

In the next fall semester of 2024, the College of Engineering (CEN) at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) will partner with the Sharjah Civil Defense Authority to debut a new minor in Safety and Fire Protection Engineering. The planned expansion of AUS's academic offerings and improvement of its engineering curriculum are the impetus for this change.

Meeting industry demands

Industry requirements have been recognized through input from industrial advisory boards, students, alumni, and the Sharjah Civil Defense Authority, which led to the development of this minor. This curriculum is both topical and relevant since there is a rising demand for experts in the fields of safety and fire engineering.

Accessible to all undergraduates

The new minor is designed to be accessible to all undergraduate students across disciplines at AUS. Students can pursue this minor concurrently with their major degree programs, providing a comprehensive educational experience.

Focus on Enhanced Safety Measures

The program aims to equip students with a strong foundation in safety and fire protection, emphasizing the implementation of advanced safety measures in industrial facilities and buildings. Courses within the minor will cover fire protection principles, including fire behavior, combustion mechanisms, heat transfer, and the mastery of modern tools and strategies for heightened safety and fire protection.

Industry Collaboration and Accreditation

The collaboration between AUS and the Sharjah Civil Defense Authority ensures that the program aligns with industry requirements. The curriculum, developed collaboratively by experts from AUS and the Authority, includes specialized courses in fire sciences, dynamics and behavior, firefighting equipment, and chemicals.

Anticipated Impact

Graduates with this minor are expected to find employment opportunities across various sectors, including large industrial establishments, civil defense units, consulting agencies, fire equipment manufacturers, testing labs, the insurance sector, forensic departments, and healthcare establishments.

Global Recognition and Ranking

AUS is globally recognized, ranking in the top 25 percent of universities worldwide according to the QS World University Rankings (2024). In the specific category of engineering and technology, AUS has secured the third position in the UAE as per the QS World University Rankings by Broad Subjects (2023).

For more information about the Minor in Safety and Fire Protection Engineering, visit AUS College of Engineering.

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