Abu Dhabi KEZAD Announces Transfer of 750,000sqm Asset Management to New Company

Established in October 2022, KEZAD Assets Management Company (KAMC) emerged under the auspices of the KEZAD Group, a subsidiary of the AD Ports Group.

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Its primary objective is to assume the management responsibilities of the group's extensive built-up assets, totaling approximately 750,000 square meters. This strategic maneuver positions KAMC as a significant player within the industrial and logistics assets domain, poised for growth through strategic acquisitions, efficient management practices, and operational excellence.

Originally unveiled in October 2022, KAMC's inception is deeply rooted in the KEZAD Group's vision to streamline the management of its current built-up assets, which currently span around 500,000 square meters. An additional 250,000 square meters is slated for delivery by 2025, further bolstering the company's asset portfolio. With a dedicated focus on acquiring, maintaining, and operating premium industrial and logistics assets, KAMC is strategically positioned to implement tailored strategies aimed at maximizing asset value and ensuring sustainable growth.

Abdullah Al Hameli, CEO of Economic Cities and Free Zones at the AD Ports Group, emphasized the establishment of KAMC as a pivotal milestone in the strategic expansion of the economic zone. He underscored the company's unique position to foster sustainable value creation, thereby making substantial contributions to Abu Dhabi's economic diversification efforts and the broader regional landscape.

To effectively execute its mandate, KAMC intends to leverage its extensive global network, robust client and broker relationships, and meticulous risk management practices. These assets will be instrumental in driving the company's operational efficiency and ensuring optimal outcomes for stakeholders.

In its operational capacity, KAMC is poised to assume various critical functions, including deal sourcing and management, overseeing leasing and property management activities, facilitating joint ventures and limited partnerships, and implementing rigorous risk management protocols. This comprehensive approach underscores KAMC's commitment to delivering value-added services while adhering to the highest standards of governance and operational excellence, as outlined in the group's media statement.

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