Abu Dhabi Police cautions against electronic begging tactics

Abu Dhabi Police issued a stern warning to the public, cautioning against the deceptive practices employed by beggars seeking material and in-kind assistance.

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Emphasizing the importance of collective action in combating all forms of begging, including roadside, market, and electronic solicitation, the police underscored the need for unified efforts to address this societal issue.

During their yearly Ramadan campaign, "Our Month: Obedience and Commitment," Abu Dhabi Police brought attention to the use of social media by beggars to further illicit goals. They made the point that beggars use these forums to ask for imaginary amounts of money, which is significantly more than they would normally make by begging in public places like streets and marketplaces or outside mosques.

The prevalence of electronic begging has become increasingly pronounced, particularly during Ramadan and festive periods, facilitated by advancements in information technology and the widespread availability of social media platforms. Beggars resort to various manipulative tactics, including sending text messages, sharing emotive imagery, and disseminating fabricated narratives of dire need, such as supporting orphanages, funding medical treatments, or constructing educational facilities in impoverished nations.

In response to these deceptive schemes, Abu Dhabi Police urged community members to exercise caution and refrain from transferring funds to unfamiliar individuals. They stressed the importance of collective action and solidarity in confronting this insidious phenomenon, emphasizing the necessity of collaborative efforts to protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation.

By fostering awareness and promoting responsible behavior, Abu Dhabi Police aims to empower the community to resist the allure of fraudulent solicitations and uphold the principles of compassion and assistance within a framework of accountability and discernment. Through proactive engagement and mutual support, individuals can contribute to the deterrence of electronic begging and the preservation of societal well-being.

The warning issued by Abu Dhabi Police serves as a reminder of the necessity of caution and discernment in the face of deceptive activities, asking the people to be attentive and unified in the battle against begging-related scams and frauds.

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