Abu Dhabi permits Overtaking for Heavy Vehicles on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed International Street

The Abu Dhabi Police General Command, in collaboration with the Joint Traffic Safety Committee, is set to implement a significant traffic regulation aimed at improving traffic safety and optimizing logistical transport in the emirate.

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Beginning next Monday, heavy vehicles will be permitted to utilize the second lane on the right specifically for overtaking purposes on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed International Road, spanning from Baynunah Bridge to ICAD Bridge in both directions.

This initiative is driven by the overarching goal of elevating traffic safety standards in Abu Dhabi and enhancing the efficiency of the logistical transport sector. The designated lane for overtaking heavy vehicles seeks to streamline traffic flow, contributing to a safer and more organized road environment.

A crucial aspect of this regulation is the emphasis on responsible driving behavior among heavy vehicle operators. Drivers are urged to strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined for their safety and that of fellow road users. The prescribed protocol involves heavy vehicle drivers using the right lane of the road and deviating from it only when overtaking is deemed necessary.

To ensure the safe execution of overtaking maneuvers, drivers are reminded to conduct thorough checks of their side mirrors, confirming a clear blind spot before initiating any lane changes. Early use of side signals is recommended, along with a prompt return to the right lane upon completing the overtaking process.

The implementation of this regulation will be closely monitored by both traffic patrols and smart systems to ensure compliance. Stringent measures will be enforced against any violations of the stipulated guidelines, reinforcing the commitment to promoting responsible and safe driving practices on Abu Dhabi's roads.

By encouraging heavy vehicle operators to adhere to the specified overtaking procedures, authorities aim to create a road environment that prioritizes safety and supports the seamless flow of traffic. This initiative aligns with broader efforts to enhance road safety standards and foster a culture of responsible driving among all road users in Abu Dhabi.

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