Abu Dhabi court orders a woman to pay compensation of 25,000 dirhams for slapping her husband

A lady was ordered to pay 20,000 dirhams to a man as restitution for physically abusing him, particularly by striking him in the face. This decision comes as a major legal development in the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court.

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Legal Justice for Assault

Adding to the total judgement sum of 25,000 dirhams, the defendant, who had previously been found guilty in a criminal case, received a fine of 5,000 dirhams.

Plaintiff Seeks Compensation

The legal proceedings commenced when the man filed a lawsuit against the woman, seeking 150,000 dirhams in compensation for the emotional and physical damages he suffered due to the assault. Additionally, he requested the defendant cover fees, expenses, and legal costs, urging the court for immediate enforcement of the ruling. The man presented medical evidence detailing the injuries inflicted during the assault, such as multiple abrasions on both sides of his face and several wounds.

Defendant's Defence

The defendant countered with a memorandum claiming the case's inadmissibility, citing a precedent that supposedly rendered it impermissible. However, the court dismissed this defence, stating that the two lawsuits were not unified in subject matter, opponents, or reason. The present lawsuit focused on compensation for damages, while the previous case related to criminal charges.

Criminal Ruling's Impact on Civil Cases

The court clarified that a ruling in criminal matters holds authority in civil cases before civil courts, provided it addresses the act's occurrence and attributes it to the perpetrator. In this context, the court emphasised that the defendant's action constituted an assault on the plaintiff's bodily integrity, meeting the criteria for tort liability.

Compensation Decree

Consequently, the court ordered the defendant to compensate the plaintiff with 20,000 dirhams for the damages incurred. Considering the earlier criminal conviction and the associated fine of 5,000 dirhams, the total judgement amount reached 25,000 dirhams. The court also mandated the defendant to cover fees, expenses, and attorney's fees associated with the legal proceedings.

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