Abu Dhabi Court dismisses compensation claim against ex-wife for this reason

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court recently delivered a verdict, dismissing a lawsuit filed by a man against his ex-wife.

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Legal Battle Overview:

The man sought compensation for both material and moral damages he was alleged to have suffered due to false reports filed against him by his former spouse.

The Plaintiff's Claims:

In his lawsuit, the man demanded that his ex-wife pay him 51 thousand dirhams as compensation for the alleged damages. He further requested that she cover expenses, fees, and attorney fees. The basis for his claim rested on the assertion that the defendant initiated legal actions against him, leading to the rejection of her lawsuit. Subsequently, she pursued a criminal complaint, resulting in his acquittal. The man contended that he incurred both material and moral damages due to the false accusations made by his ex-wife.

Legal Proceedings:

The court revealed that the defendant's initial lawsuit against the man had been rejected by the courts. Undeterred, she escalated the matter by filing a criminal complaint, a case in which the man was ultimately acquitted. The court emphasised that the right to report crimes to the public prosecutor is a legitimate right for every individual and an obligation for those aware of criminal activities. This right, when exercised, does not inherently lead to liability unless it is proven to be malicious and harmful to the party against whom the reports are filed.

Court's Rationale and Verdict:

The court's decision emphasised the fact that the plaintiff was unable to present proof in her reports that the defendant had lied. The court determined that the defendant had not abused her authority to file lawsuits or criminal complaints in the absence of clear evidence of malicious intent. As a result of the court's rejection of the action, the plaintiff is now required to pay costs and legal fees.

Legal Principles Upheld:

The court emphasised the foundational legal principle that the right to resort to the judiciary to defend a protected legal right is inherent and does not incur accountability unless malicious intent and harm are proven. The ruling highlighted the importance of upholding the right to report crimes, emphasising its role in protecting society from criminal activities while emphasising that exercising this right does not automatically lead to legal consequences.

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