UAE is one of India's best and closest allies, says Indian envoy

The UAE is "one of our closest and strongest friends," according to Sunjay Sudhir, the Indian ambassador to the UAE.

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According to a top envoy, UAE-India bilateral relations are rapidly and favourably changing under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as India celebrates Independence Day.

Sunjay Sudhir, the Indian ambassador to the UAE, stated that the UAE is "one of our closest and strongest friends" in his speech during the Indian Embassy's celebration of Indian Independence Day.

He raised the Indian tricolour and addressed the Indian community, saying, "You are all proud citizens of a country that is the fifth largest economy in the world."

"India presently holds the G20 presidency, and Delhi will play host to the G20 Leaders' Summit the following month. We anticipate President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed attending to represent the UAE at that event.

The expansion and strengthening of bilateral ties as well as the investigation of potential new areas of collaboration have been fostered by mutual trust and respect, according to Sudhir.

"While India has engaged with all of its partners worldwide, the relationship between India and the UAE stands out."

agreement-changing strategies

The ambassador emphasised the three agreements signed during Modi's visit to Abu Dhabi earlier this month, which included encouraging the use of local currencies (rupee and dirham) for international trade, connecting messaging and payment systems, and establishing a campus for the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) in Abu Dhabi.

The MoUs, a "game changer," have "far-reaching outcomes," according to Sudhir.

"A 1 million barrel transaction in crude oil was settled on Monday in Indian rupees and UAE dirhams. We have covered the two most traded commodities between us with oil and gold.

He pointed out that by connecting messaging and payment systems, Indian expatriates living in the UAE will be able to send money home to their family more quickly and at a lower cost.

He stressed that the new IIT campus offers a "big ray of hope" for young people to pursue their educational dreams, saying that "the government is committed to improving the ease of living for the Indian community in the UAE."

India "broke free from the yoke of colonialism and centuries of exploitation" on August 15, according to the envoy, marking a significant day in Indian history.

"Let's pause for a moment to consider the road that got us to this point. The India we know today was made possible by the unflinching resolve, sacrifices, and hope for a better future of our predecessors. They lighted the independence ember that continues to burn brightly in our hearts, and it is our duty to maintain that flame, he said, pointing out how India is achieving new heights under Modi's leadership.

In addition to the sky, he added, "We are also reaching for the moon with Chandrayaan," alluding to the lunar missions carried out by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

other consulate offices

Sudhir commended the 3.5 million Indian expats for their contributions to strengthening bilateral ties.

"The members of the Indian community have not only accepted the customs and values of our nation, but you have also developed into goodwill ambassadors, creating closer connections between India and the UAE. Your contribution to the economy and development of the UAE is widely acknowledged, not just by UAE leaders and governments but also by Emiratis in general, Sudhir said, emphasising that the embassy will work to offer the Indian community better consular and social services.

"Our employees at the consulate in Dubai and the embassy in Abu Dhabi have been working incredibly hard to safeguard the welfare of the Indian community members in the UAE. In order to provide all consular and visa services under one roof, we are now working to increase the number of Indian Consular Application Centres in various UAE locations. Our goal is to increase the availability of outsourced services while also improving their effectiveness for every Indian living in the UAE, continued Sudhir.

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