Oman meteorological authorities warn of heavy rains and flash floods this week

Weather experts in Oman have predicted that some regions might get significant downpours later this week.

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Oman's meteorological authorities have issued a cautionary statement regarding the likelihood of significant rainfall and accompanying flash floods across several regions of the country during the upcoming week. Forecasts and assessments from the National Multi-Hazard Early Warning Centre predict that cloud activity will onset in the Governorate of Dhofar on Tuesday, April 30, and persist until Saturday, May 4. These clouds are projected to bring scattered showers of varying intensity.

Specifically, heavy rainfall ranging between 30mm and 80mm is predicted for Thursday, May 2, which could result in the overflowing of wadis, or dry riverbeds. Furthermore, a trough of low pressure is forecast to impact the Sultanate of Oman from Thursday, May 2, through Saturday, May 4. As a result, cloud cover is expected to gradually increase throughout Thursday, encompassing several governorates, including Al Buraimi, Musandam, A’Dhahira, A’Dakhiliyah, North Al Batinah, South Al Batinah, and Muscat. We anticipate this cloud cover to extend to North A'Shargiyah, South A'Sharqiyah, and Al Wusta later in the evening, bringing with it showers of varying intensities ranging from 20mm to 60mm.

The apex of these weather conditions is forecast to occur on Thursday, May 2. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued advisories urging the populace to exercise caution during the anticipated rainfall, which may lead to flash floods. They recommend monitoring visibility levels and sea states before embarking on maritime activities and staying informed through official weather bulletins and reports.

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