TGA seizes 1,217 vehicles in a crackdown on illegal transport in Saudi airports

The Transport General Authority (TGA) of Saudi Arabia has stepped up its efforts to check the country's main airports in response to the rise in illegal passenger transport operations.

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In the course of its thorough inspections throughout the holy month of Ramadan, the TGA found 2,194 examples of these infractions. These violations included operating without the required permission and failing to comply with regulations, among other infractions.

The thorough checks led to the authorities seizing 1,217 automobiles. Furthermore, 126 people were found to have committed the same offense more than once, suggesting that enforcing regulations in the transportation industry is a continuous struggle. In order to preserve the security and integrity of airport operations, the TGA must crack down on unlicensed passenger transport operations. This is because unlicensed operators might not follow basic safety procedures, endangering passengers.

The TGA's inspections, which encompassed a number of significant airports in Saudi Arabia, shed light on the distribution of violations. Notably, with 38% of all breaches found during the inspection period, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah had the greatest rate of violations. King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh came in second, with 30% of breaches noted.

Although to a lesser degree, unauthorized passenger transport operations were also observed at other airports, including King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah, and Taif International Airport. These results highlight how crucial thorough inspections and enforcement actions are to successfully handle infractions at all of the nation's major airports.

The TGA's dedication to guaranteeing passenger safety and regulatory compliance in the transportation industry is the driving force behind its campaign to combat unauthorized passenger transport activities. The authority has implemented severe sanctions, including fines of up to SR5,000 and the seizure of vehicles implicated in offenses, in order to accomplish these goals. These actions are intended to discourage unlicensed businesses and encourage compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

Travelers utilizing Saudi Arabia's airports should feel safer and more secure because the TGA is taking firm action against illegal passenger transport activities. The authority is committed to maintaining regulatory integrity and improving passenger safety in the transportation sector, as demonstrated by its continuous efforts.

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