Saudi PIF Successfully Prices $5 Billion International Bond Offering

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) has achieved a significant milestone with the successful pricing of a substantial $5 billion Reg S international bond offering.

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This initiative is part of PIF's Euro Medium-Term Note Program, strategically aimed at diversifying its funding sources.

The bond offering is structured into three tranches, reflecting PIF's commitment to a well-diversified approach. The first tranche, valued at $1.75 billion, carries a 5-year coupon and is set to mature in 2029. The second tranche, also $1.75 billion, features a 10-year coupon, with maturity slated for 2034. The final tranche amounts to $1.5 billion, presenting a 30-year coupon and maturing in 2054.

The continued strong interest from foreign institutional investors, according to PIF's Global Capital Finance Division Head Fahad Al Saif, is a glaring example of the success of the organization's medium-term capital raising plan. He underlined that this interest confirms PIF's high credit standing and financial stability, reinforcing its crucial role in Saudi Arabia's economic reform and its standing as one of the biggest and most powerful sovereign wealth funds globally.

Among PIF's primary funding sources, loans and debt instruments play a crucial role. The fund has garnered strong credit ratings, including an A1 rating from Moody's with a positive outlook and an A+ rating from Fitch accompanied by a stable outlook. These credit ratings affirm PIF's sound financial standing and creditworthiness in the international market.

The successful pricing of the international bond offering aligns with PIF's commitment to prudent financial management and the strategic diversification of funding sources. It positions the fund favorably in the global financial landscape, attracting continued interest from international institutional investors. This achievement underscores PIF's role not only as a financial powerhouse but also as a key player supporting Saudi Arabia's economic goals.

As the fund continues to leverage its diversified funding approach, it strengthens its position in the international market and contributes to the realization of Saudi Arabia's vision for a transformed and dynamic economy.

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