Saudi Arabia announces its bid to host the 2027 World Water Forum

Saudi Arabia has officially submitted a bid to host the 11th session of the World Water Forum in 2027, with plans to host the event in Riyadh.

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This strategic move underscores the Kingdom's unwavering commitment to addressing global water challenges, promoting water resource sustainability, and contributing to international efforts for a water-secure future.

Organized by the World Water Council, the World Water Forum is a premier global event in water management that brings together governments, organizations, officials, and experts from diverse fields. The forum serves as a vital platform for sharing experiences, exchanging knowledge, and fostering collaborative initiatives to advance and sustain water resources worldwide.

Saudi Arabia's bid to host the forum is particularly noteworthy given its status as one of the most water-scarce countries globally. However, the Kingdom's proposal is backed by its state-of-the-art infrastructure, robust regulatory frameworks, and comprehensive legislation governing the water sector. The National Water Strategy of Saudi Arabia serves as a comprehensive blueprint for addressing water challenges through a well-structured institutional and organizational framework.

The submission of the bid reflects Saudi Arabia's ongoing commitment to water-related issues, both regionally and globally. Hosting the World Water Forum would provide the Kingdom with an opportunity to showcase its advancements in water management and contribute to the global dialogue on sustainable water practices.

The World Water Forum plays a pivotal role in facilitating the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices among participants. It serves as a critical platform for exploring avenues of collaboration, promoting international cooperation, and collectively working towards the sustainable management of water resources on a global scale.

Saudi Arabia's bid aligns with its broader goals of enhancing the quality of life for its citizens, achieving sustainable development objectives, and reinforcing its leadership in addressing water-related challenges. If successful, hosting the World Water Forum in 2027 would mark a significant milestone for Saudi Arabia, further emphasizing its commitment to playing a central role in the global discourse on water management and sustainability.

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