Saudi Foreign Trade Authority initiates workshops to enhance Saudi exports

The General Authority for Foreign Trade, through its Agency for Private Sector Affairs and International Representation, has initiated a series of workshops named "Through the Attachés" with the aim of bolstering the presence of Saudi exports in global markets.

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These seminars, which are held on a regular basis, provide Saudi exporters with a thorough manual that covers the methods, regulations, target markets, and prospects for exporting Saudi products worldwide. The main goals are to familiarise exporters with the markets they intend to enter, comprehend the important agreements that facilitate product access, and stimulate investment.

These workshops would make it easier for Saudi exporters to enter international markets, stressed Fawaz bin Saad bin Rafa'ah, the acting deputy governor for private sector affairs and international representation. The seminars explore how to get into and take part in international shows, offering insightful information to organisations trying to expand their worldwide brand awareness.

The sessions are purposefully created to optimise advantages for organisations that promote business attachments throughout the world. They highlight the strategic location and economic benefits of Saudi Arabia, assisting in the growth of a more varied and long-lasting economy. The Foreign Trade Authority is dedicated to protecting Saudi Arabia's trade interests, increasing exports, and optimising trade gains.

This initiative plays a crucial role in the economic development of Saudi Arabia, guided by the presence of 20 commercial attachés worldwide. The authority has facilitated communication channels, allowing entities to submit requests to benefit from workshops and meetings "through attachés" via email at [email protected].

The Foreign Commerce Authority's objectives include bringing in investments, protecting the Kingdom's interests in the field of foreign commerce, and optimising the Kingdom's earnings from international trade. The General Authority for Foreign Trade, a government entity that was established on January 1, 2019, is in charge of promoting the Kingdom's foreign investment and commercial endeavours.

By providing valuable insights and fostering collaborations, these workshops contribute significantly to the overarching goal of establishing Saudi Arabia as a key player in the global trade landscape, ensuring economic growth and sustainability in the long run.

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