Saudi Arabia aims to saudize 23,000 jobs in the transport and logistics system

Ahmed Al-Hassan, Assistant Minister of Transport and Logistics, has launched a plan to localise 23,000 roles in 28 different professions within the transport and logistics system.

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This project seeks to create 10,000 jobs in the heavy transport industry, 3,000 in passenger transport, and another 10,000 in air navigation. Al-Hassan emphasised that the support and attention given to the transport and logistics industry are consistent with the objectives of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy and the Saudi Vision 2030.

Speaking at the third Qassim Youth Empowerment Forum, "My Opportunity 3," which was sponsored by Prince Faisal bin Mishaal, the Emir of the Qassim region, Al-Hassan highlighted the numerous programmes and initiatives in place to enhance human capabilities and generate employment opportunities for young Saudis. He emphasised the founding of the Saudi Logistics Academy, which aims to complement the objectives of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy introduced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and assist the growing logistics industry.

450 Saudi men and women have already graduated from the academy and entered the logistics industry, helping to expand it. Al-Hassan also highlighted the Saudi Railway Technical Institute's important contribution to the empowerment and support of the railway sector. With an emphasis on qualifying national talent, the institute offers training in train driving, maintenance, signals, and control, among other areas, and then integrates them into the railway transport industry.

The overall goal of these initiatives and projects is to position Saudi Arabia as a global logistics center, in line with the ambitious Vision 2030 objectives set by the Kingdom's leadership. The commitment to Saudization in key sectors underscores the government's emphasis on empowering Saudi youth and fostering their participation in the workforce, aligning with broader economic and developmental goals.

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