Saudi Aramco Launches Luxury Yacht Fueling Station at Jeddah Yacht Club

As part of its foray into the Kingdom's maritime sector, Saudi Aramco has opened its first marine facility, "Aramco Marina," which supplies gasoline to boats and yachts at the Jeddah Yacht Club on the shores of the Red Sea. The program, which is being promoted under the Saudi Aramco stations name, is in line with the company's aim to increase regional and local tourism.

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The launch of Aramco Marina coincides with the commencement of the Formula 1 Saudi Grand Prix. Boasting an annual capacity exceeding 65 million liters, the station caters to both domestic and international clientele, offering diesel and gasoline refueling services.

Yasser Mufti, Executive Vice President of the Business Sector for Products and Customers at Saudi Aramco, emphasized the company's ongoing investment in modern infrastructure to complement the Kingdom's broader development objectives. By expanding its presence and enhancing service quality, Saudi Aramco aims to contribute to economic diversification and elevate living standards. Mufti highlighted the significance of the station's inauguration as a pivotal step towards bolstering the Kingdom's retail fuel sector, enhancing customer experiences, and fostering growth across various industries, including travel and tourism.

The Jeddah Yacht Club, strategically positioned adjacent to the Corniche Formula 1 racing circuit, offers unparalleled waterfront views. It houses the region's premier marina, capable of accommodating large and opulent yachts of up to 120 meters in length. Complementing the marina experience are a selection of international dining establishments and cafes, providing patrons with a scenic backdrop of the sea.

As the establishment of Aramco Marina signifies Saudi Aramco's entry into the maritime domain, underscoring its commitment to supporting economic diversification and enhancing the Kingdom's tourism infrastructure. The integration of modern facilities within iconic waterfront locales like the Jeddah Yacht Club reflects the company's dedication to delivering exceptional service and contributing to the Kingdom's socio-economic progress.

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