Saudi Arabia warns against unlicensed airport rides

Recently, Saudi Arabia has strengthened the safety and quality standards for passengers leaving its airports by enacting strict regulations.

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This regulatory crackdown includes a major programme that imposes a SAR5,000 penalty for passenger services rendered by illegal vehicles. The Saudi General Transport Authority, in partnership with the Ministry of Interior, the Guests of God Service Programme, the Public Prosecution, the General Authority of Civil Aviation, and the Airports Holding Company, has launched a comprehensive joint awareness campaign that includes this action.

The primary objective of this campaign is to address the prevalent issue of unauthorised vehicle operators offering transportation services to passengers. The authority strongly advises these unlicenced carriers to align themselves with licenced companies, thereby enabling them to access various incentives and support programmes available for authorised operators. It emphasises the diverse transportation options available at Saudi airports, ranging from taxis and car rental offices to public transport buses and licenced passenger transportation applications, totaling nearly 2,000 taxis and over 55 car rental offices.

Additionally, travellers departing from the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah can utilise the Haramain Express train to reach their destinations conveniently. The crackdown on illegal operations by vehicle owners is rooted in a commitment to enhance the safety and comfort of travelers. The authority underscores the importance of delivering high-quality transportation services at airports to improve the overall travel experience.

Through the campaign's hashtag #DontrideWithNonLicensed, travellers are urged to opt for licenced transportation services that offer safe and reliable options. By choosing authorised transportation providers, passengers can not only ensure their safety but also contribute to elevating travel standards across the board. Ultimately, these regulatory measures are geared towards fostering a secure and satisfactory travel experience for individuals departing from Saudi airports.

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