Saudi Airports announce readiness for the Ramadan pilgrim influx

As per Airports Holding, the domestic and international airports of Saudi Arabia are well equipped to handle the anticipated surge in pilgrim traffic during the holy month of Ramadan this year.

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A comprehensive operating strategy has been carefully created in advance of the increased number of pilgrims expected during Ramadan. This plan intends to improve the quality of travel for passengers passing through Saudi airports by increasing operational efficiency, ensuring effective communication, mitigating possible crises, monitoring hazards, and optimising overall operational performance.

Efforts are underway to streamline arrival procedures and facilitate seamless transitions for pilgrims upon their arrival. Collaborative initiatives with governmental and private entities operating within the airports are being prioritised to ensure smooth coordination and execution of the operational plan. Central to the operational plan is the meticulous preparation and provisioning of lounges, facilities, and sites within the airports. These preparations are geared towards providing a welcoming environment for pilgrims and facilitating their arrival procedures with the utmost efficiency.

Furthermore, proactive measures are being implemented to enhance informational readiness, ensuring that passengers are well-informed and equipped with relevant guidance throughout their journey. The overarching objective is to optimise the overall travel experience for pilgrims transiting through Saudi airports, thereby upholding the nation's commitment to facilitating a seamless and spiritually enriching pilgrimage experience during the holy month of Ramadan.

Efforts are focused on refining arrival procedures, coordinating with government and private entities operating at airports, and overseeing the execution of the operational plan to ensure a smooth travel experience. The plan includes preparations to prepare lounges, sites, and facilities to efficiently manage the arrival procedures of pilgrims at Saudi airports.

To improve travellers' experiences using Saudi airports during Ramadan, Airports Holding stresses the significance of boosting operational and informational readiness, foreseeing communication emergencies, keeping an eye on dangers, and boosting operational performance.

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