Saudi Arabia unveils FIFA World Cup 2034 official formal bid details

The specifics of Saudi Arabia's official candidacy for the FIFA World Cup in 2034 have been made public. In the Kingdom's quest to host the FIFA 2034 World Cup, the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) revealed its official identity.

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Last October, the Kingdom declared its aspiration to host the tournament and subsequently submitted the official nomination letter to the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA). The logo of the nomination file symbolizes the Kingdom's remarkable evolution and progress in football, recognized as one of the fastest and most advanced growth stories in the sport. The candidacy file is built on three key pillars:

  1. Enhancing human capabilities collaboratively.
  2. Advancing football collectively.
  3. Strengthening communication bridges jointly.

The visual representation of the nomination file mirrors the Kingdom's rich cultural heritage and its dynamic, youthful society. The logo, crafted in the shape of "34" using colored stripes, denotes the targeted year for hosting the 25th edition of the global tournament. Additionally, the design subtly incorporates the geographical outline of the kingdom. The promotional video accompanying the nomination file showcases Saudi Arabia's cultural heritage, historical legacy, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Filmed across various regions of the Kingdom, the video features the participation of current and former football stars.

Yasser Al-Misehal, President of SAFF, emphasized, "The Kingdom boasts a rich football history and a legacy of achievements, and it's imperative that we narrate our developmental journey to the world." He further stated that the slogan "Growing Together" perfectly encapsulates the collaborative approach adopted to realize the dream of hosting the tournament in a decade. Saudi Arabia stands as the sole bidder for the 2034 FIFA World Cup following Australia's withdrawal of interest last year. FIFA is expected to announce the official host later this year.

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