Saudi Arabia condemns Israel attack on humanitarian aid lines in Gaza

The latest assault by the occupying troops on unarmed residents in the northern Gaza Strip has been sharply denounced and condemned by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Hundreds of people were hurt, and several tragically died as a result of this assault. The attack, which mostly targeted lines waiting for humanitarian aid, made Gaza's already desperate situation worse.

The Ministry issued a statement in which it restated the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's steadfast opposition to any transgression of international humanitarian law, regardless of the rationale behind it. Saudi Arabia highlights how crucial it is to enforce these regulations in order to safeguard defenseless populations in war zones. The Kingdom further demands that the international community move swiftly to guarantee that Israel abides by international humanitarian standards and to hold it responsible for its conduct.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia urges the immediate establishment of safe humanitarian corridors to facilitate the evacuation of the injured and the delivery of essential relief aid and medical supplies without any hindrance. These measures are crucial to alleviate the suffering of the affected population and prevent the humanitarian crisis from worsening. The Kingdom underscores the urgent need for an immediate ceasefire to halt the cycle of violence and prevent further harm to innocent civilians.

In its statement, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirmed the Kingdom's commitment to upholding international law, protecting human rights, and fostering regional peace and security. Saudi Arabia reiterates its support for initiatives aiming at reaching a fair and long-lasting settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian issue and expresses solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia condemns the targeting of civilians and calls for immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The Kingdom urges the international community to intervene effectively to ensure the protection of civilians and the delivery of essential aid to those in need.

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