Saudi Arabia unveils 20 road projects in Makkah with a 1.4 billion SR investment

The Deputy Emir of the Makkah region, Prince Saud bin Mishaal, has initiated a massive endeavour to enhance transportation infrastructure by unveiling 20 road projects spanning 385 Kilometers.

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These initiatives, anticipated to require SR1.4 billion in funding, signify a substantial commitment to fostering the region's development.

The inauguration ceremony, held at the emirate’s headquarters in Jeddah, was attended by distinguished guests, including Minister of Transport and Logistics, Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser, and Acting CEO of the General Roads Authority, Eng. Badr Al-Dalami. This gathering underscored the collaborative effort between regional and governmental entities to propel progress and address vital infrastructure needs.

Expressing gratitude to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Prince Saud highlighted the invaluable support received across various sectors. He emphasised the paramount importance of these projects in serving the needs of pilgrims and aligning with the Kingdom's vision for a modern, integrated, and safe transportation network.

Among the unveiled projects, the direct road linking Jeddah to a segment of Makkah stands out, spanning 24 kilometres and representing an investment of SR431 million. This strategic link aims to streamline travel between major urban centres and facilitate the movement of pilgrims during peak seasons.

Additionally, the doubling of the Allaith-MMakkah Road, covering 90 kilometres at a cost of SR169 million, holds promise for enhancing connectivity and easing congestion along critical pilgrimage routes. These efforts underscore a commitment to optimising travel experiences for pilgrims and residents alike.

Other initiatives include the doubling of the Bisha-RRaniyah-AAl-Khurma Road (114 kilometres, SR271 million) and the Hudn-Turba Road (48 kilometres, SR82 million). These projects address the growing demand for efficient transportation corridors, particularly from southern and central regions.

Furthermore, the doubling and lighting of the Al-Iwaa Centre Road (9 kilometres, SR38 million) aims to alleviate traffic congestion during the Hajj and Umrah seasons, ensuring the smooth flow of pilgrims to their destinations.

Moreover, these ambitious road projects reflect a concerted effort to bolster infrastructure and support the region's burgeoning transportation needs. Through strategic investments and collaborative partnerships, the Makkah region is poised to advance its role as a global destination for pilgrimage and commerce.

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