Saudi Arabia: Hajj minister announces expanding Tasheer visa centers during UAE visit

Following the conclusion of his official visit to the United Arab Emirates, Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah engaged in substantive dialogues with UAE authorities concerning a range of noteworthy subjects, one of which concerned the possible enlargement of Tasheer Saudi visa centers within the emirate.

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The discussions encompassed initiatives aimed at facilitating the pilgrimage journey for expatriates residing in the UAE, such as the proposal to allow them to register their fingerprints before embarking on their travels to Saudi Arabia.

This measure aims to reduce waiting times for pilgrims at both land and air ports. Furthermore, discussions centered on enhancing the quality of services provided at ports of entry for pilgrims arriving by land, with a focus on streamlining entry procedures to expedite the process.

Dr. Al-Rabiah also held meetings with officials and entities involved in facilitating Umrah services. The discussions revolved around fostering cooperation to streamline the arrival process for pilgrims, improve and enhance the services offered by Tasheer visa centers and the Nusuk platform, and optimize visa facilities for UAE expatriates to ensure they have a seamless Umrah experience.

During his meeting with the Executive Director of Islamic Affairs at the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments (GAIAE), Omar Habtoor Al-Darei, Dr. Al-Rabiah extended a warm welcome to UAE pilgrims entering the Kingdom through various ports throughout the year. He emphasized the Kingdom's commitment to increasing the number of UAE pilgrims and providing them with the opportunity to perform their rituals in comfort and convenience at the Two Holy Mosques.

As part of the visit, Dr. Al-Rabiah inaugurated an exhibition showcasing the Nusuk platform, attended by representatives from the private sector in the UAE. The exhibition aimed to highlight the platform's role in enhancing efficiency and services as a comprehensive platform for visiting the Kingdom, including its Islamic historical sites and other destinations.

Additionally, two workshops were conducted during the visit, focusing on "Crowd Management and Grouping of Pilgrims" and "The Rights of Pilgrims," to address key aspects related to pilgrimage management and the rights of pilgrims.

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